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The 2019 Thames Run has now taken place.
Well done to all our runners and thank you for a fantastic event.

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Under UK Athletic rules, Permit Number 2019-35870

Thank you for your support of the 2019 Wallingford Thames Run. Please read the Race Information factsheet below for important details about the event.
Should you have any further questions before the day, please email thamesruncommittee@gmail.com On the day of the event, visit our registration desk located in the school hall for assistance.

Thanks again and enjoy the run!
2019 Thames Run Committee  

Event Timetable

Car Park opens (see Car Park information below)
Gates to Crowmarsh Gifford School open.
Race number collection and on the day registration opens
Baggage drop open
On the Day Race Registration closes
Final call for Thames Run and briefing from the Race Start Co-ordinator. Warm Up!
Start from the main site entrance. Please line up in order of expected time.
Award ceremony on the school playing field
Course clean up commences
Fete ends and site is closed
Car Park closes.

Race Location

The full address is Crowmarsh Gifford School, Old Reading Road Crowmarsh Gifford Wallingford, OX10 8EN. Follow the sign posted route to Crowmarsh Gifford School from the yellow signs.

Age Requirements

You need to be at least 13 years old to run the 5k and 16 years old to run the 10k.

Race Start

Runners to assemble for start near the front of the school by 9:15am for the race briefing and to be called forward by Race Officials.  The fastest 10k runners (sub 40 mins) are encouraged to start near the front and slower runners (60 mins+) towards the rear. 5k runners will be asked to start at the rear of the field.   Your timing chip, supplied by Stuweb, will give your actual time. Unless you expect to finish at the front of the field, there is no need to start at the front. The race is due to start at 9:30am promptly. We may need to hold off on starting the race until the road is clear.  Please note immediately after the start you will be on a public road so be alert for traffic.

Parking & Transport

There will be parking available in the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH) car park on Benson Lane, the school is a short walk away. Car parking will open at 7:30am.
You will be asked for a voluntary £1 contribution for parking. All donations will go to Style Acre one of our designated charities. In the event you arrive late and the car park is full, you will be directed to alternate parking. NO PARKING/DROP OFF will be possible near the start/finish on Old Reading Road. This is to ensure that there is no obstruction to the route. No parking will be possible in the two pubs close to the start or on the Old Reading Road (as this will obstruct the start/finish area). Please note: parking at this site will close promptly at 2:30pm.
The closest railway station is Cholsey.  GoGreen taxis operate a service on Sundays the start line is approximately a 10 minute journey from the station. Phone 01491 524 343 or  access their website at GoGreen Taxis for further information.
Please check bus and train timetables before you depart  (Train: www.gwr.com Bus: www.thames-travel.co.uk)

The Course

The Thames Run is multi-terrain route along local footpaths and the banks of the River Thames, and back through the historic market town of Wallingford. For the 5k event runners complete one circuit of the route and for the 10k route two. Runners need to take care when approaching the finish area to ensure that they do not start a second lap (5k runners) or cross the finish line (10k runners). Marshals will be in place to guide runners onto the 5k finish or 10k second lap. We do our best to make the run as free flowing as possible however there are some narrower sections and the odd gate on the course. For those who ran in prior years, the narrow muddy section has been removed from the course which makes the course faster overall. There are two road crossings on each circuit within Wallingford Town before and after the bridge. Please be considerate to pedestrians and other runners, and take care when crossing roads during the run.

Runner Information

All runners will be briefed by the Race Start Co-ordinator immediately prior to the race about  potential hazards. This includes:

  • the need to keep to footpaths,
  • taking special care when crossing roads, the marshals are on the course to direct you and will not to stop the traffic
  • keeping clear of livestock
  • being considerate to other runners when going through kissing gates and narrow sections
  • ensuring you consume sufficient water
  • not using mobile phones or music players whilst you run . PLEASE OBSERVE THIS RULE for your personal safety. Part of the route is on shared roads. Marshalls will stop any runners who might be seen wearing any earphones/headphones.

General Route Safety and Marshalling

  • The route is partly cross country hence it is possible that some slips and trips may occur however the Organising Committee will endeavour to ensure that as far as reasonable practicable significant hazards will be either be removed or marked accordingly.
  • All significant route changes points will have at least one marshal to supplement signage.
  • All marshals will be fully briefed prior to taking up their stations by the Volunteer Marshal Coordinator. They have been instructed to bring a mobile phone and will have the number of the First Aid providers and Race Director. All marshals will be provided with, and be expected to wear yellow hi-vis bibs for visibility.
  • Marshals will be provided with a leaflet detailing; the route, their position on it, their duties and emergency contact numbers.
  • Route marshals will remain at their station until stood down by the “sweeper”.
  • If you have any difficulties during the run please contact a marshal.

Race Number

Your race bib will contain your timing chip. Please make sure the number is visible on the front of your vest during the run.

Be sun smart

The sun can be strong at this time of year. Please take fluids on board before the race and consider wearing a cap and some high factor sun cream. Water will be available at the finish and at the water stop (just after the 5k marker on the 10k route).

Final checklist

Running shoes and socks, shorts, T-shirt/vest, sunscreen and pins. Plus a positive attitude!

Toilet and Changing Facilities

We regret that there are no changing facilities. There are portable toilets and possessions may be left in the baggage area strictly at your own risk. We will keep an eye on them for you, but cannot guarantee their safety. Please present your race number to drop and collect baggage items. Toilets are positioned near to the start line. They will get busy just before the run starts so please be patient!

First Aid

First Aid facilities will be available at the event. Please ensure any important medical information is detailed on the back of your race number.


We are proud to be plastic free again this year! Runners are encouraged to bring their own bottles. Water will be available in recyclable cups and/or for your own drinking bottle at the start and finish and after 5k mark for those participating in the 10k. Please stay hydrated.

Race Finish & Results

After crossing the finish line please keep moving to the finish area where you will be presented with your race medal. We don’t need the timing chips returned.  Provisional results will be available on the day and in due course it is planned they will be posted to our website.

Trophies to be awarded this year:
  • 10k - 1st, 2nd and 3rd Male and 1st, 2nd and 3rd Female
  • 10k - 1st Male Over 50 and 1st Female Over 50
  • 5k – 1st Male and 1st Female
  • 5K - 1st Male U16 and 1st Female U16

We welcome feedback after the event – good or bad! Please send your comments to thamesruncommittee@gmail.com. Please also contact us if you'd like to help next year.

Condition of the course and race cancellation

The race route includes sections that run along the river bank or are close to the river. We cannot control the river level or the weather, so we reserve the right to change the race course to our “wet weather” route without prior notice if, in the opinion of the race committee, the standard race route is unsafe or flooded.

In the extreme event that the wet weather route is also considered by the race committee to be unsafe or flooded then we reserve the right to cancel the race at up to 24-hours from the race start time. Should this occur notification will be sent by email to your race entry email address. We regret that we cannot offer refunds if the race is cancelled due to extreme conditions as we will have already incurred all our running costs. As we organise the race to support local and national charities we ask for your understanding and support.

Licence Number

The Wallingford Thames Run 5K and 10K race has been approved as a Race that will be held under UK Athletics Rules for Competition and in accordance with the Licence Requirements. Licence Number 2019-35870

Refreshments and Attractions

The Thames Run will be held on the same day as the Crowmarsh Gifford school fete. Refreshments will be available before the start and we will be providing refreshments us usual afterwards, including tea, coffee, soft drinks and ice cream. There will also be a BBQ to fill that gap after your exertions. Families & friends are welcome to come along and enjoy the attractions whilst you run!

Contact us

sending an email to thamesruncommittee@gmail.com